To give potential clients an idea of pricing, we have put together a list of common services and the associated costs. Of course, projects can vary in scope which will affect the pricing. Pricing subject to change.


• Developmental editing ($50 per hour)
• Heaving editing ($11 per page)
• Proofreading ($3 per page)

Cover Design
•Cover Design ($195)
•Optional creation original illustrations ($450 to $750 for the illustration)

Book Layout
• Book Layout ($3 per page for text; text and images $5 per page; minimum $100)

• Original illustrations (TBD)

Ebook Creation
•Basic eBook Creation for Kindle, Nook and iBooks ($125 plus $3 per image converted such as photos, tables, tips, etc.)

Setting-up Book to be Published on Various Platforms such as Amazon/Kindle, Barnes & Noble/Nook, iBooks and other Platforms
•Setting-up the book to be published on Amazon (KDP), Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Nook and iBooks ($80 per platform)

Book Description for Back Cover of Book as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Other Retailers
•Book Description for Amazon, Barnes & Noble & Other Retailers ($95)


Write and Send Press Release (prices are per press release)
•Writing, editing, and proofreading  ($195)
•Distribution via 888 Press Release  ($175 – $275 wire fee)
•Media list building ($3 per outlet)
•Send to media and perform follow-up ($20 per outlet for up to two rounds of follow-up or $25 for up to three rounds of follow-up – recommended)

Pitch Local, National and International Media
•Develop pitch letter – includes writer, editor, and proofreader  ($195)
•Media list building ($3 per outlet)
•Send to media and perform follow-up ($20 per outlet for up to two rounds of follow-up or $25 for up to three rounds of follow-up – recommended)
•Additional costs may be incurred for creative pitches including materials and mailing (will be pre-approved)

Pitch to Bookstores and Niche Stores/Outlets (such as museums, specialty stores, etc.)
•Create Pitch ($195)
•Contact alternative outlets about carrying the book ($80 per hour)

Online Marketing
•Creation of social media branding ($350 for the first platform, $95 for each additional platform)
•Blog writing ($55 per blog entry)
•Social media content writing ($55 per posting)
•Posting social media to client’s social media sites ($35 per posting)
•Posting social media to LinkedIn groups ($35 per posting, up to 10 groups)
•Online listening and connections to potential audiences ($55 per hour)
•LinkedIn profile ($95)
•Monthly online advertising campaign – evaluation, set-up & first month of management –  advertising to be billed directly from the platforms ($365)
•Each additional month of online advertising management – advertising to be billed directly from the platforms ($165 per platform per month)
•Creation of online display ads ($65 per ad, $20 each for resizing)

Website Design and Maintenance
•Website look and feel ($395 for three design options)
•Design and programming of individual standard pages ($80 per web page)
•Copywriting (text) includes professional copywriter writer and editor ($80 per web page)
•Maintenance ($80 per hour)
•Search engine submissions ($50 per month, minimum three months)
•Domain name purchase and basic hosting package also required

Animations and Video Production
•Animations and videos – Includes professionally written script, storyboards, voiceover and animation ($650 per minute – prices can vary depending upon the complexity)

Email Marketing
•Email marketing creation ($95 writing; $125 graphic design; and $80 for programming)
•Build list of outlets including specific bookstores or libraries ($3 each for list building)
•Uploading list to email system ($55 per hour)

Create Press Kit and Media Kit ($395)
•Pitch Letter ($195 individually)
•Bio ($95 individually)
•Book Synopsis Editing ($25 individually)
•Fact Sheet ($150 individually)
•High Level Publicity and Marketing Plan, in Press Kit Only ($225 individually)

Reviews, Book Clubs & Book Awards
•Write pitch letter for reviews or book clubs ($195)
•Develop list of reviewers or book clubs ($3 each)
•Pitch reviewers or book clubs ($25 each with up to three rounds of follow-up)

Branding Materials
•Naming of book, series, product, service or company ($150)
•Logo creation ($225 – one designer, three options; $450 – two designers, six options; or $675 – three designers, nine options)

Book Launch – Public & Private, Signings & Other Events
•Planning, marketing, and execution ($80 per hour)
•Calendar announcements for events – includes writer, editor and proofreader ($65)
•Calendar announcements – distribution & online postings ($5 per outlet)

Niche Markets, Partnerships and Cross Promotions
•Create Pitch ($195)
•Contact list creation ($3 per entry)
•Contacting potential buyers/partners  in niche markets ($80 per hour)
•Working with potential partners and cross promotions ($80 per hour)

Agent Representation with Publishers, Television & Movies
We have broken away from the traditional literary agent fee structure.  We no longer charge a percentage fee of the author’s compensation which is better long term for our clients.

Materials creation

•Query letter ($195)
•Marketing plan for query – high-level ($225)
•Comparables ($175)
•Bio ($95)
•Basic editing of sample pages – typically 2-3 pages ($11 per page)
•Basic editing of chapter summaries ($11 per page)
•Basic editing of one page book summary ($11)

Query to publishers

•Create custom list of publishers ($3 each, minimum of 50)
•Send query electronically to publishers with up to two rounds of follow-up ($25 each, a minimum of 50)

Speaking Engagements
•List creation of potential venues ($3 per company/organization/contact)
•Contacting companies/organizations via email and phone ($25 per contact, up to three rounds of follow-up)
•Materials – typically need a media kit/speaker’s kit including a pitch letter (see pricing listed separately)

Hourly Rate for planning sessions, meetings, etc.:
•Research & Admin. ($55 per hr); Project Manager & Marketing Pros ($80 per hr); & Senior Manager ($175 per hr)

Pricing subject to change.