Here is a sampling of current and past clients:

Mark FioritoFinalist in 2012 San Diego Book Awards – winners to be announced June


That’s the question that Casey Doran, a man of perpetual inaction and rigid standards, is faced with. His ordinary life is upended after a whimsical intervention south of the border that leads him on a new path of self-discovery and earthly enchantment. A deep sea fishing excursion, a mystical Indian legend and an unlikely cast of eclectic characters assist him on his improbable journey. He comes to realize along the way that love has many faces and even more important, that playing it safe can be the most dangerous of all.

Beverly FlaxingtonMake the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate

Beverly Flaxington, a Gold-Award winning author, released Make the SHIFT: The Proven Five-Step Plan to Success for Corporate Teams in October 2011 and her previous works include Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior and The 7 Steps to Effective Business Building for Financial Advisors. This groundbreaking book uses the trademarked change process, The S.H.I.F.T. Model ™ to help businesses and teams meet their goals. We are connecting with top U.S. corporations for possible speaking engagements and book buys.


Drawing on his background as a county medical examiner, Dr. Lefer has put pen to paper to weave his experiences into thrilling works of fiction.  Blood details the brutal reality of untimely death and conflict.

  Amy Wisewww.themanyshadesoflove.blogspot.comAmy Wise is an author, writer, blogger, ghost writer and editor.  Currently Amy is writing her memoir, “This is Me….Coming Out of the Darkness,” while also working on a movie that will be based on the same book.  We are her agent for both the book and the movie. In that role, we have helped hone her pitch as well as worked with the director interested in the script.
  Ayla SkyeQuick and Fit – The Eat From Home

Ayla Skye has written two cookbooks for real people with real lives that want to eat healthy, lose weight and not spend all day doing it. The first steps for this project was to pitch Ayla’s cookbook to traditional publishers and try to gain local publicity. After the pitches were made to traditional publishers, we explored other options such as independent publishers and self-publishing. Ayla decided that she wanted to self-publish the book and keep trying to sell it to traditional publishers as well. We are currently in the process of editing and designing the book. It will go to print Fall 2011. We are also working on enhancing Ayla’s visibility via social media such as blogging and traditional media including local news as well as a new website design.

  Lisa Akoury RossNew American Cuisine for Today’s

Offering great cooking tips for today’s busy family, Lisa Akoury-Ross modified great Mediterranean dishes into condensed prep times so readers can get a healthy and nutritious meal in under 30 minutes. At B.E.A., people were lining up for samples of her baklava and a signed book. We created her press kit for the event and are now engaged in an extensive campaign to get the cookbook into bookstores. Part of that campaign includes a press release sent to nearly 4,000 media outlets and picked up online extensively.

  Anjuelle FloydSeasons in Purdah; The Keeper of Secrets; & The

Anjuelle Floyd unravels the ties that bind. She is an accomplished writer with three published books. We have assisted her with publicity, collateral and landing pages. Currently, we are helping her get coverage with local and national media outlets as well as inroads into book clubs.

  Jane MitchellOne on One – My Journey with Hall of Famers, Fan Favorites and Rising Stars

For 15 years, Jane Mitchell explored the hearts, souls and scrapbooks of high profile athletes and rising stars for the television program One on One with Jane Mitchell.  With her signature style, 27 Emmys and a wide spectrum of fans, she put a selection of athletes’ stories and more in a book.  We started working on Jane’s marketing and publicity 11 months before the book was published and then continued through a complete year after publication.  We helped with a wide array of her marketing needs including book signings, event promotion, basic website creation and updating, media relations and speaking engagements in universities.

  Jenifer GershmanWhere Did Mommy’s Superpowers Go? Did Mommy’s Superpowers Go? is a heartwarming story to help children understand and cope with a parent’s serious illness. Jenifer engaged our team to help edit her existing press kit and media kit to have it ready for B.E.A. (BookExpo America). She made great connections at B.E.A. and signed about two dozen books.

How does a little girl from Raynham, Massachusetts grow up to become a remarkable screenwriter and inspire high school students in Brooklyn through her teaching? It’s simple – she doggedly pursued her passion for writing and theater until she became one of the literary world’s rising new stars. Chameleon is the story of a vindictive English teacher who channels a modern day Shakespearean Iago and wreaks havoc on the All-American teen who killed his daughter. We developed a press kit and pitch for Jennifer and then pitched the script to the movie world, where it is presently being reviewed by an award winning Hollywood insider whose movies have grossed more than $1 billion.

  Julia BroomallThe Whole Story Children’s Book

In creating “The Emperor’s New Throne,” Julia Broomall drew inspiration from her own experience as both a mother and a grandmother to a grandson “labeled” as a Down Syndrome child. The first step in helping Julia with her marketing was to create a submission for Hay House Publishing. We created a media kit including a cover letter, bio, book summary, fact sheet and publicity plan. We also developed a basic website, media pitch, contacted more than 500 bookstores nationwide, pitched libraries and developed speciality lists of VA and children’s hospitals.

  Steven I .DahlChicken Fried

Mesa, Arizona resident Steven I. Dahl, MD is making a significant humanitarian impact on the world and has helped thousands of women. He is an interesting real-life character that audiences find fascinating and inspiring. In his “spare” time, he writes fiction. For Chicken Fried Steak, he was able to get radio, TV and newspaper coverage in three states. One of the creative ways that we gained the attention of local media was to send baskets of chicken fried steak to the newsrooms.

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